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Martin Smith

Martin Smith Racing

What can I tell you about Martin that you don’t already know?

We all know about his career thus far and the horses he’s ridden and trained, but what makes Martin tick? I visited him to try and find out more. In Newmarket we have 70 odd yards and some would argue some of the best trainers and facilities in the country, if not the world, but sometimes some of the smaller yards have to work twice as hard, for twice as

long just to keep the yard gates open..........

The Classics 2017

Newmarket Race course

It's that time of year when the nights start to draw in and all the National Hunt punters start to wake up from their hibernation. The last meeting at Newmarket is on the horizon and I thought that it was a good opportunity to take stock of the year.

Not so much from a profit or loss point of view, but more a look back at the highs, the lows and some of the big stories of the season........

Jezki, the unsung hero


If ever there was a horse that deserves a day in the lime light it's Jezki. I’ve seen many articles and tweets about Jezki and some people question the horse’s ability. But one thing you cannot question is his heart, determination and longevity...........

Its all for charity.

Now before I get started I'm writing this with the very greatest of respect. I'd like to think that everyone's opinion matters and whilst I may disagree with people, it won't change the way I feel about them.

We run this site for free. No need to go in to why, but we do. I know many others that also run sites for free that are equally as

good and many more that are not. However....

Is it the end of the affiliate link?

bookies affiliate links

No I'm not talking about jacking it all in or closing the website, but tonight there will be a shit load of site that will be considering it.

Fortunately we aren't affected by today's bombshell that's been dropped in the Twitter Tipping world as our sites 100% free. When I say 100% free I mean totally. The reason I say that is some 'free' sites use these links to fund their site so although they are 'free', they are in fact using you to fund the site....

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby..

Ruby Walsh

It’s not often that I’ve used the above phrase. In fact I don’t think I ever have before, but there was a day last year that I think most of you will remember.

I also think that it’s worth remembering at this time as we’re fast approaching the biggest racing week of the year, that things don’t always go to plan..

For many of you and myself included, this will bring back memories that won’t necessarily sit well and I’d not blame you if you decided not to read on, but I’ll continue to type though the pain.

I’ll set the scene (for those who aren’t already having cold sweat flashbacks)....



Not many days or even minutes sometimes on twitter go by without someone banging on about ‘trolls’. Before I go on I want to make this crystal clear.

As far as I’m concerned there’s a world of difference between someone having a pop at you for a poor tip on the horses, or badly written blog (reaches for tin hat) and constant systematic abuse and stalking.



We hear it all the time and some of us are guilty of saying it, but maybe we should take a moment sometimes and appreciate what we have. We all love horse racing and yes, at times things don’t go the way we hope, or expect, but one things for sure. The level of racing that we are lucky enough to enjoy every day is second to none. But don’t take my word for it. 

Here are the thoughts of Howard who’s been following our site for a while now and gives us an insight in to what it’s like in the US and how very different it is.....


Since when did it become ok to steal?

Before I get started, I’m not naming names here. Nor is this me sat astride my high horse.

This is however a very important subject.

One that those who engage in the world of social media and blogging should take note of.

It's fair to say that in recent times Twitter

has become ever more crowded with ‘tipsters’ and bloggers, all sticking their two pence worth in, be it Cheltenham or

Aintree, Newmarket or Ascot....

Coolmore Stud