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Who are we?

Our aim is to deliver tips daily along with Blogs, Stats, Horses to watch out for, and much much more.

We are 4 regular guys who share a passion for horse racing and we all have very different views and ideas on the sport.

We like to think that as we all approach selecting horses from different angles and thought that it was worth explaining how we differ, also what you can expect to see from each of us.


I've been following horse racing for several years now and I'm very much a 'form' guy. I'm not interested in finding horses who might have a chance of winning at a big price, or looking for a each way shot.

I pride myself on my stats and have a strike rate of around 30% over 850+ tips. If you’re looking for big price winners (Although I sometime tips one) then I'm not your man. 

I’m a lover of flat racing and concentrate on AW and the 'Proper' racing in the spring/summer.


Home course for me is Newmarket and have had some great days out there.

Decided to test my knowledge out on the Twitter racing communities, BetRef site, to see if any of it transferred onto paper.

Have hit the heady heights of 2nd in the Hall Of Fame and am currently residing in the top 20, at around 16/17. Consistency remains the goal. I tend to look for value and very rarely tip short price favourites.

Not for everyone, I'll agree, but that's what I'm good at, so won't change. Big believer of looking at trends and last time out winners, also trainer/jockey combos. Hopefully, I'll keep finding the big priced winners.


I’ve been following Racing for around 2 years now, I started out just for fun selecting on RTR  competition (which I still take part in)

 I have also used Betref.co.uk for a short time and again seemed to do quite well. I’ve since got into Racing a lot more and found my own method of selecting what I see as potential winners. I’m more of a 'longshot' picker, usually looking for a decent place price as a fallback. I don’t see myself as an expert by any means, however the team were looking for a guest 'tipster' for a week and I’ve been here ever since. I do like to look for trends, I don’t pay particular attention to 'last time out winners' I look more for Jockey/Trainer combos, or trainer and jockey form at the course in question.


Only been into racing the last twelve months learnt most breaking handicap figures down and using ratings to find winners. Looking at various jockey/trainer combos interest me but not something I search for in my research.

I have used betref.co.uk and RTR when I began getting more competitive to see how Id fair against some of the other tipsters. I don't have a favourite type of racing, flat or jumps, I cover most areas of racing.

ps I'm the youngest and cutest on the team.


I’m the American in the team and have been following racing in the states for 35 years, becoming hooked as a 17 year old, on my first trip to the seaside track of Monmouth Park.
I specialise in European imports for Hacked Up Racing, especially those making their first run in the states.  As international simulcasting has become widespread in America much of my focus has shifted to British, Irish and French flat racing.  I find it to be a much higher quality of racing.  I am heavily into statistics and data mining using multiple personal databases, to point me in the right (hopefully!) direction.  I am a two-time HUR5 winner, but also enjoy the non-gambling experience.  I have attended live racing at nearly 50 racecourses across America, Canada, US Virgin Islands and was fortunate to attend 2017 Champions Weekend in Ireland.  Looking to add England to my list in the next year!  
p.s.  If @Haletank is the youngest on the team...I think that leaves me as the oldest!


I’m the team's resident National Hunt tipster, you can’t beat seeing a horse leap over obstacles in my opinion.
I’ll mainly be covering handicaps, as I feel that’s where the value lies. There will of course be tips for graded races as expected.
As I am a keen blogger, I’ll be doing big pieces on all jumps racing festivals for the Hacked Up Daily, which you’ll be able to view on site. There will also be horses to follow lists at the start of each season for you to get in a tracker and hopefully pick up some nice value in decent races throughout the year.
I’ve been a regular at Cheltenham throughout the season and festivals for the last 7 or 8 years, and try to get to some of my local tracks in Yorkshire as often as possible.

"The sport of kings"

They don't call it the sport of kings for nothing. You cannot beat the sound of a dozen thoroughbred race horses thundering towards you, whilst you clutch your bet slip, praying your horse hit the line first.

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